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Artist Bibliography

Joseph Ferris was raised in Michigan where he received his formal training as a Contemporary Metal Artist and now permanently resides in Boca Raton, Florida. Joseph first began working with metal at the age of 13. Instantly his talents were recognized and his instructor encouraged him to enter the Michigan State Industrial Arts competition. He did so, placing first in the Regional Competition and went on to place second in the State Competition. Joseph studied for four years under Eugeen Wolonick, master Craftsman of Metal Working Techniques. It was here that Joseph's imagination and skill reached new and exciting levels. Joseph went on to Western Michigan University taking on heavy class loads of drawing and industrial design courses along with a strong emphases in physics, mathematical theory and equations which he uses daily in the creation of his art. These early experiences and training created the foundation which led Joseph to become the successful artist that he is today. Joseph has received numerous awards from prestigious art shows around the United States. He has been commissioned to do metal sculptures and abstract paintings for Private Collections, Corporate Buildings and Galleries. Joseph utilizes a variety of metals and materials to create unique and unusual abstract paintings on metal. Living in Florida has brought to his work the use of color which he incorporates in his already exciting pieces.

Artist Awards

2002 Purchase Awards "Melbourne Art Festival" Melbourne, FL.
1998 Purchase Awards "Melbourne Art Festival" Melbourne, FL.
1997 Purchase Awards "Melbourne Art Festival" Melbourne, FL.
1995 2nd Place "South Miami Arts Festival" Miami, FL.
1995 3rd Place Highest Standard Review Score "Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair" Ann Arbor, Mi.
1995 Purchase Awards "Melbourne Art Festival" Melbourne, FL.
1993 1st Place "Miami Lakes Arts Festival" Miami, FL.
1993 Purchase Awards "Melbourne Art Festival" Melbourne, FL.
1992 Best of Show "Art in the Park" Warren, Mi.
1992 Best of Show "Algonac Arts Festival" Algonac, Mi.
1992 Best of Show "Riverside Arts Festival" Bay City, Mi.
1992 2nd Place Sculpture "South Miami Arts Festival" Miami, FL.
1992 2nd Place Sculpture "Miami Lakes Arts Festival" Miami, FL.
1991 Award of Merit "Maitland Spring Art Festival" Maitland, FL.
1990 Purchase Award "Art in the Heart of Miami" Miami, FL.
1990 Purchase Award "Heathrow Art Festival" Heathrow, FL
1990 2nd Place Sculpture "Under the Oaks Art Festival" Vero Beach, FL.
1990 Purchase Award "Under the Oaks Art Festival" Vero Beach, FL.
1989 Best of Show "Riverside Art Festival" Bay City, Mi.
1989 Purchase Award "Cape Coral Art Festival" Cape Coral, FL.
1988 Purchase Award "Maitland Art Festival" Maitland, FL.
1988 2nd Place Sculpture "Miami Beach Lincoln Rd. Festival" Miami, FL.
1986 Purchase Award "Festival of the Arts" Hollywood, FL
On permanent display at the Chamber of Commerce
1986 2nd Place Sculpture "Stuart Festival of the Arts" Stuart, FL.
1975 2nd Place Michigan State Industrial Arts Competition
1974 1st Place Michigan Regional Competition

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