Metal Art Groupings


Here are some great ways to combine different size pieces together. The combinations are limitless. From horizontal or vertical layouts to even a combination of both, this can really open the doors to unique presentations. Abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, and acrylic paintings are just a few of Joseph's award winning designs. In addition to his modern paintings, his contemporary wall art and metal wall art pieces create unique dimension and texture which are truly exciting original abstract art designs. His most recent contemporary wall art involves abstract paintings on brushed metal wall art and applying custom made dyes to create beautiful modern art paintings with vibrant colors and textures. His engraving and metal working techniques creates beautiful reflecting patterns of light combined with his acrylic art which add bright colors and endless design patterns. Abstract artists whom succeed are constantly creating new and exciting ways to express their talents in abstract art. Joseph's abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, and acrylic paintings are just one way he continues to push the boundaries of creating beautiful abstract art Experiment and have fun with it and if there isn't a size pictured here you would like to use in a combination, just call the studio and we will get the information you need.


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